What is a Catalytic Converter?

The Catalytic Converter of your vehicle is a component related to emissions and is mounted in the exhaust pipe. An internal combustion engine’s exhaust gas contains poisonous gases and other pollutants that a catalytic converter transforms into less-toxic pollutants by accelerating a redox process. The catalytic converter burns unburned particles found in the exhaust gases released by the engine. When the catalyst can’t get rid of the burned-off hydrocarbons in your exhaust, you might smell something bad, have a rough run or a bad burn, or see the Check Engine light come on.

What we Recommend:

The catalytic converter on your hybrid automobile couldn’t get hot enough to burn all of those hydrocarbons from short trips. Driving your automobile for 15 minutes on the freeway occasionally would help prevent it from clogging. All of that buildup in your exhaust will be able to be burned off after the catalytic converter has warmed up sufficiently.

What We Value:

Sam Auto Hybrid specializes in the catalytic converter repair and replacement industry professionally. It is very important to look for the signs and symptoms before it contributes to your engine stalling or no longer starting. In severe circumstances, plugged catalytic converters could cause internal engine damage. In hybrid automobiles, catalytic converters play a crucial role in the process of converting toxic exhaust emissions into less harmful ones. However, if damaged, your vehicle can contribute to pollution since the gasses, fumes, and other particulates that your engine produces are collected by the exhaust system, which functions as a funnel. Then it discharges them into the exhaust pipe.

What We Do:

To find any problems with your catalytic converter, our team does exhaustive emission testing and analysis. We use ecologically friendly practices and reduce waste output as part of our commitment to sustainability. Our team utilizes modern and innovative technology to repair your vehicle’s Catalytic Converter. Along with replacing damaged catalytic converters with new, more effective ones, we also make sure that the new converters decrease emissions as efficiently as possible, successfully lowering harmful emissions, helping to create a cleaner environment, and functioning without a hitch for years to come.

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